Skinny Paris escort Nora

24 y.o.
Dress Size:
172 cm
Hair Color:
Outcall price
500 €
2 hours:
900 €
2500 €
24 hours:
3500 €
48 hours:
4000 €

While the media is far more accepting of curvy and plus size women, sometimes it’s nice to get back to the basics. Natural curves are great, but there’s a beauty in girls who only curve at their chest. Flat, taunt stomachs curving up with their breasts or curving with their butts as your eyes trail along their back. Skinny girls allow you a few more options when it comes to sex. It’s easier to lift a skinny girl up and pin her against the wall as you thrust into her over and over. It’s intoxicating to feel the firmness of flesh under your grip rather than the squish of misplaced fat. Don’t you agree?

Skinny doesn’t mean unhealthy. Our escorts take proper care of themselves and, given the right opportunity, will take the best care of you. Look at our beautiful girls to choose from. Determine who you’d like to spend a night with. Imagine the thrill of seeing her naked before you. Seeing every square inch of her body, and knowing that for whatever amount of time, she is all yours. Yours to ask different pleasures of. Near endlessness pleasures that can be all of yours… for a price. However, with all the ways to make money, don’t you deserve to spend some of it for a night of fun? Experiences trump material items any day of the week.

Just find the escort that you like the most. If you’re unsure, why not play a few scenarios in your head? See which escort brings the most ideas to your mind. After some time with yourself to… think things over, go ahead and make your choice. You won’t regret it. We at GFE Chicks guarantee your satisfaction every time! So, go ahead. Take a chance on us an we will not disappoint.

Farid reviews Nora
I have been visiting Paris for the past few years and have tried several of the local delicacies. But i always felt that Paris misses something, that is until i met Nora. Nora is not the “porn star” type, meaning if you are looking for fake big tits, botoxed lips, tons of makeup etc. look for someone else. On the other hand if you are looking to spend time (social and sexual) with a real local, intelligent, kinky girl you are in the right place. For me the meeting felt like having a wonderful date with a kinky, a bit nerdy, girlfriend. The whole date felt natural in the best way possible. Nora is highly intelligent and I felt I could spend time in conversation; she is also knowledgeable in Tantra and a qualified masseuse. In bed I felt it was a perfect match for me and my liking. The only thing I regret is not setting a longer meeting and i wished that i could meet her more often. I am looking forward for my future date with Nora.
Dreddy reviews Nora
Gorgeous girl, I would say just a dream. Friendly and sociable, with a delightful figure, very sexy. Amazing babe, highly recommended!